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Emma Bass

Why the Women's Fund?

Because I've been surrounded by amazing women in my personal network that have helped me with my business of creating art, and I wanted to pay that forward so that other women can grow, expand and be supported like I have been. I like to make a difference with my art helping others, and when Sarah Trotman suggested the Women's Fund for my Women's Suffrage flower creation 'Kate', I thought it was a perfect place to share the proceeds. When I created my artwork 'Kate', the message I was trying to incorporate was about how women coming together to support each other makes us much stronger as a collective, to the point that it changed world history.


How or where do you see the Women's Fund making a difference?

By creating a supportive and safe community of women to learn, share, grow, and inspire. I believe that coming together as women, we can create a stronger force.


Who is your biggest female role model/inspiration and why?

My mother Rosemarie as she has nurtured and supported me over a lifetime. She has taught me the importance of helping each other as women as well as showing me her strength during adverse times in her life. She has taught me to grow and be the woman I want to be, which is strong, independent and living the colourful life I want to live. She encourages me to chase my passion of putting my floral creations into the world to make it a better place.


Finish this sentence: "In 10 years' time, I want women and girls in New Zealand to…"

"...feel empowered, to achieve all they want to, to not fear, and to love and to be loved. I wish women and girls to be able to follow their passion in a way that supports them and provide examples for their children."

Emma Bass