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Auckland Foundation.

Providing Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A community foundation is an independent charitable foundation established to meet the current and future needs of local communities. It is “donor advised” which means it acts on donors wishes, making grants to support their interests and concerns. Based on an endowment model, community foundations encourage donors to create a fund that will endure and provide income on an ongoing basis. Community foundations are the fastest growing form of philanthropy in the world. They allow anyone to build a fund over time and become a philanthropist.

Auckland Foundation helps donors establish a charitable fund without all the hassles often associated with a private foundation. Donors can establish a fund under Auckland Foundation’s legal structure and all contributions are pooled and invested. Auckland Foundation then works with donors to make charitable grants to the causes, organisations and issues they want to support. We provide all the necessary structures, systems, and tax and compliance environments under our structure.

No. A fund is a management account established as part of Auckland Foundation’s charitable trust funds. A fund (or sub-fund as it also known) is not a legal entity. A fund holder is not the Trustee. Funds cannot be called a ‘foundation’ or a ‘trust’. The decisions on how the income is distributed are made by the donor.

Auckland Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of voluntary leaders representing a broad cross section of the community.

We make it as easy as possible and offer a range of options from starting a named fund with an initial $25,000, or building up a fund with us with regular giving over time. You can also make a one-off or regular donation into the broadly focused Auckland Fund, or leave a bequest in your will.

Very easily and quickly. We’ll work with you through an establishment form, draw up a sub-deed and apply to the Board of Trustees to set up your fund. Then you make the initial donation and you’re underway. You can also start a fund through a bequest, by leaving express wishes to do so. There is further detail on this in our Resources section.

By building an endowment, donors can provide enduring support for a cause or organisation. The capital invested to establish the endowment earns income each year to distribute. This helps develop a more planned and strategic approach to giving and can provide a secure line of funds for a donor’s preferred charities.

Our aim is to make philanthropy accessible to everyone. We offer two types of funds. Our GROW fund is for people who want to start small and build up over time. Our FOREVER fund is for $50,000 and over.

Under specific circumstances, agreed and documented at the time of establishment, a fund can be dissolved. Additionally, if a fund is inactive for more than two years, it can be rolled into the broad Auckland Fund and subsequently managed by Auckland Foundation.

Once your fund has reached $50,000, you may begin to grant the income. We can advise you on the best strategy to allow for both continued growth and grant making. We can also facilitate a giving programme based on other resources you may have, which allows you to give today and save for tomorrow.

Choosing a fund with Auckland Foundation gives all the advantages of your own foundation, without the burden of compliance and administration. You can plug into our established structure – the trustees are in place; investment management can be taken care of if you wish with industry leading providers. You can still direct the granting and enjoy the impact of your giving. By outlining a succession plan you take away concerns about sustainability over time. It is easy, efficient and effective.

Yes. All donations receive a receipt for tax purposes.

We all have interests. What keeps you awake at night, makes you concerned or sad, or has you so excited that you have to tell others about it? We can help you to refine and focus your ideas about giving and philanthropy, and become effective and strategic in your approach.

Yes. Grants are only made from funds at the donor’s request. However, the Board of Trustees must approve all grants as part of its due diligence and formal responsibility. This gives donors the confidence of knowing their grant making is both effective and is fully compliant with the regulations. Please note, you cannot make grants from a GROW Fund. If you have donated into the Auckland Fund, you have passed the responsibility of grant making on to the Foundation.

Auckland Foundation can help you to support any charitable organisation. While our focus is in Auckland, some of our donors have national interests, or support groups outside of New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on our due diligence process before grants are made and then ensure we keep you as up to date with progress and results as you want. We can follow up on grants and evaluation reports and can provide feedback about the projects you support. If you would like more involvement we can arrange site visits, presentations and invite you to forums. Just let us know how hands on you’d like to be.

When you join Auckland Foundation you become part of a community. We are always available if you want to discuss something with us about your granting or your fund. We provide an annual update on your fund, reporting on transactions and growth. If you have asked for grant reports these will be provided at an appropriate and timely point. We also invite donors to occasional events to talk with others who are giving, and learn from experts.

Once your fund has reached $50,000 you can start to give away the income generated. You may also choose to reinvest it and continue to see your fund grow to a higher level of your choosing before granting starts. We recommend granting be set at a level deemed sustainable over time and suggest a maximum of 3% pa. You can also make one-off grants from other sources of income you may have and we can help facilitate this for you.

Auckland Foundation has appointed Harbour Asset Management as our fund manager. They have repeatedly been named as New Zealand’s leading fund manager. We have a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) that outlines the terms of investment. This is periodically reviewed, along with the performance of the fund manager.

We fund our operational costs through a combination of grants we receive specifically to cover this cost and revenue generated from the funds we have under management.