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Auckland Foundation.

Providing Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Community foundations are local, independent and not-for-profit organisations. They run a tried-and-tested model of place-based philanthropy which has been growing across the world for over 100 years, and they are now established in most regions of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Community foundations focus on a place and its people, enabling locals' aspirations for their community to take shape. Community foundations build long-term, reliable funding streams for their local communities by investing and growing the gifts they receive. So, you’re not really giving to a community foundation, but through it, and the invested model means your generosity will have benefits, forever.

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Auckland Foundation enables impactful giving by generous Aucklanders.

We simplify and shape giving, making it easy for donors to support causes they care about during their lifetime, and to create strong and thriving Tāmaki Makaurau communities for future generations.

Through our efficient governance and administration services, donors create and direct funds with freedom to focus on the transformation they want to create in areas they care about.

Many Auckland Foundation funds are led and directed by a single donor, a family, or an organisation. We also administer two place-based funds that enable Aucklanders to collectively respond to major issues. The Women’s Fund and the Hauraki Gulf Regeneration Fund were established by passionate groups of individuals who combine their money and ideas to drive change.

We help donors establish a charitable fund without all the hassles often associated with a private foundation. Donors can establish a fund under Auckland Foundation’s legal structure and all contributions are pooled and invested. We then work with donors to make charitable grants to the causes, organisations and issues they want to support. We provide all the necessary structures, systems, and tax and compliance environments under our structure.

Auckland Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of voluntary leaders representing a broad cross section of Auckland.

Meet our Trustees

Setting up a donor advised fund is an easy way to simplify your charitable giving.

A donor advised fund is a sub-fund of Auckland Foundation which offers the equivalent of a "personal foundation", but without the administrative hassle. You instead get to choose which charities you'd like to make grants to, and when.

As well as providing all of the administration, due diligence and compliance requirements, we can also help you shape your impact and create a strategic approach to your giving.


Establishing a Fund with Auckland Foundation gives all the advantages of your own Foundation without the burden of compliance, regulation, governance and administration. It is easy, efficient and effective.

Funds are set up by people from all walks of life. Each of our generous donors has one thing in common – a sincere wish to leave their community a gift so that it will be better off in the future. You can start a Fund and give to it in your lifetime, or through a gift in your will.

We welcome you to connect with us to plan and shape your giving, and discuss how a Fund with Auckland Foundation can help you give with impact.

You can choose to remain entirely anonymous during your lifetime, or after your death, the choice of whether you are comfortable with using your name for a Fund, or for your story to be told, is entirely up to you, and your wishes will be honoured forever.

Money given directly to charity is generally spent on everyday needs. While this method is a necessary part of charity fundraising, many people prefer to give to their chosen causes in a more strategic way with longevity. This is where the Auckland Foundation can help.

Your gift will be professionally invested with the income from the investment flowing back to your charity (or charities) of choice as a revenue stream, forever. Over time, it means that your gift will deliver far more income to your charity or cause of choice. This method of gifting also assists local charities with their long-term financial sustainability by provided a reliable, long-term funding stream.

We recommend granting once your Fund has reached $100,000. We can advise you on the best strategy to allow for both continued growth and grant making. We can also facilitate a giving programme to achieve your gifting goals.

We all have interests. What keeps you awake at night, makes you concerned or sad, or has you so excited that you have to tell others about it? We can help you to refine and focus your ideas about giving and philanthropy, and become effective and strategic in your approach.

Yes, grants are only made at the donor’s request. As part of its due diligence and formal responsibility the Board of Trustees must approve all grants made. This gives donors the confidence of knowing their grant making is both effective and is fully compliant with the regulations.

Auckland Foundation can help you to support any charitable organisation. While our focus is in Auckland, some of our donors have national interests, or support groups outside of New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on our due diligence process before grants are made and ensure we keep you as up to date with progress and outcomes as you want. We follow up on grants and evaluation reports, and can provide feedback about the projects you support. If you would like more involvement we can arrange site visits, presentations and invite you to forums. Just let us know how hands on you’d like to be.

When you join Auckland Foundation you become part of a community. We are always available if you want to discuss something with us about your granting or your Fund.

We provide quarterly updates on your Fund reporting on transactions and growth. If you have asked for grant reports, these will be provided at an appropriate and timely point.

We also invite donors to occasional events to talk with others who are giving, and learn from experts.

Auckland Foundation has appointed Harbour Asset Management as our fund manager. They have repeatedly been named as New Zealand’s leading fund manager. We have a Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) that outlines the terms of investment. This is periodically reviewed, along with the performance of the fund manager.

If you have an existing relationship with an investment manager you are welcome to continue using their services given they meet the appropriate fiduciary requirements.

Read our SIPO

Yes. All donations receive a charitable donation receipt.

How to donate your tax rebate

The Women's Fund is an initiative set up by Auckland Foundation. Through the Women's Fund, Auckland Foundation offers a unique model of giving for those who want to make a positive difference to women and girls in Tāmaki Makaurau.


Auckland Foundation has set up the Hauraki Gulf Guardians Fund as a giving vehicle to support the vital work being done to restore, regenerate and protect the Hauraki Gulf for future generations.

Fund - how we refer to each individual Sub-Fund (see below), e.g. Hauraki Gulf Regeneration Fund, Women's Fund.

Sub-Fund - a Fund established under Auckland Foundation through a supplementary deed to our Trust Deed. Control of charitable distributions from a sub-fund sits within the supplementary deed. Sub-funds can be set up by an individual, a family, a group, or an organisation.

Place-based giving - giving back for the long-term benefit and enhancement of a place and its communities.

Endowment - a donation where the principal amount is kept intact and the investment income is used for charitable purposes.

Bequest - a gift of money or property in someone's Will that, after death, another person or organisation receives.

Perpetuity - lasting forever.

Governance - the establishment of policies and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation.

Charitable structure - a structure that allows the organisation to operate for one or more charitable purpose; the relief of poverty, advancement of education, advancement of religion, or other purposes beneficial to the community.

Houtupu - sincerity, authenticity and genuineness.

Ako Tonu - continued learning.

Manaakitanga - a welcoming environment, showing respect, generosity and care for others.

Mōhio - knowledge and understanding.

Kotahitanga - togetherness, showing unity and lifting one another up.

Whanaungatanga - kinship, a sense of belonging through shared experiences and working together.

Kaitiakitanga - guardianship and protection of the environment, based on the Māori world view.