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Sarah Trotman, ONZM

Why the Women's Fund?

Research shows that grants are more likely to be given to a man but women have a greater need. Also, women have a constant uphill challenge of day to day conscious and unconscious sexism that makes life much more difficult.


How or where do you see the Women's Fund making a difference?

Dellwyn is a strong driving force. I like to put my money where I get biggest impact, and I have high regard for her strategic clarity and commitment to a better Aotearoa New Zealand for women and girls. 


Who is your biggest female role model / inspiration and why?

Mother Teresa and my own mother. My three sisters and I grew up with a belief we could do anything, there was never any sexism or holding back in our home.


Finish this sentence: "In 10 years' time, I want women and girls in New Zealand to..."

I'm deeply disappointed in the lack of progress made by successive Governments around equality for women - before I was born the Government started talking about issues including Equal Pay, talk is not enough. Aotearoa New Zealand needs disruption brought to its patriarchal political constructs before we will see substantive change, let's not wait 10 years for that!

Sarah Trotman