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Phua-Feeney Family Charitable Fund

This family-orientated fund is focused on building a long-term legacy for generations to come. Its key areas of charitable giving are the environment, education, tackling poverty and health.


Photograph above: Project Kahurangi, Shaun Lee

The Phua-Feeney Family Charitable Fund is deeply committed to ensuring a sustainable environment for the future. They believe that safeguarding the Earth isn't just about the present; it's about securing a prosperous future for generations to come. They exemplify the concept of intergenerational giving, understanding that our actions today will shape the world our children and grandchildren inherit.

Their focus extends to local environmental projects, particularly in regions like Hauraki and are a Gold Level Gulf Guardian. They recognize that by nurturing local environments, they're contributing to a healthier planet overall. While their efforts are community-driven, their impact resonates far beyond regional borders, setting an inspiring example for others.

In their pursuit of sustainable solutions, the Phua-Feeney Family Charitable Fund is always looking for innovative technologies and methods to bolster their environmental mission. They understand that embracing new tools and approaches is essential to addressing our planet's ever-evolving challenges.

Using the community foundation model, they ensure an efficient way to support their cause. This approach minimizes administrative overhead, directing the maximum resources toward meaningful environmental initiatives. This approach makes it simple for donors to contribute to their cause, solidifying their impact on preserving the environment for future generations.