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Naomi Craymer

Why the Women's Fund?

I'm really passionate about creating a better, kinder New Zealand especially for children and young people growing up here. The Women's Fund is a great way to contribute and make a positive difference to the overall well-being of our community here in Auckland. I love the concept of giving in a way that supports and uplifts women – women are often the primary (or sole) caregivers for their families and they also often take on leadership/volunteer roles within their communities. So if we can find ways that enable women to flourish I feel our children and community overall will benefit, and the ripple effects will spread widely.


How or where do you see the Women's Fund making a difference?

It would be great for the Fund to be used to address some of the root causes of serious challenges/barriers that some women experience in their lives – e.g. poverty, domestic abuse, housing, gender pay differences, stress, mental health – so that we can find ways to focus effort and improve things for NZ women in the future. I like the idea of the fund supporting women's well-being in a general sense – whether that be through women-led enterprises or improving self-esteem/self-confidence.


Who is your biggest female role model/inspiration and why?

I've been blessed with some amazing female role models in my life – from teachers, work colleagues and managers, community and business leaders. I'm so incredibly grateful for the support, friendships and inspiration that comes from these beautiful, heartfelt connections. But my greatest role model has to be my Mum – when I reflect on why I am doing what I’m doing in my life right now a lot of it comes down to the values of giving back, community spirit and helping/caring for others that she displayed to me and my two sisters as we were growing up. We always knew that it was more rewarding to try our best at something rather than not try at all! I really admire how my Mum's perseverance and hard work was able to change our small community for the better – from getting a kindergarten built, to leading the local Brownies/Guides, through to teaching and caring for numerous children and young people – and at the same time raising three girls!

There's a lot to be inspired by every day in our everyday experiences – we just need to be open to it.


Finish this sentence: "In 10 years' time, I want women and girls in New Zealand to..."

"...know their intrinsic self-worth and the value of their own unique, authentic voices, that comes from a place of inner awareness and kindness to self and others (rather than ego/outward seeking behaviours) – and to appreciate the power of their imaginations to create a better, kinder world for all."

Naomi Craymer