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Lisa Small

Why the Women's Fund?

I was hooked when I saw the tagline "The strength of women. The dreams of girls." I immediately connected with the purpose of the Fund and wanted to be a member, contributing to and supporting a fund creating possibilities and enabling empowerment, growth and success for women and girls. Being able to pool together with other women for a common purpose makes the giving meaningful and will lead to a greater impact.


How or where do you see the Women's Fund making a difference?

Obviously the Fund will make a difference through financial support, because it will fund action and change which might not otherwise have been able to happen. However the Women's Fund is so much more than that - impact and change also follow from the non-financial support given (or available to be given) by the members, through time donated, mentoring, sharing of networks and ideas, and so on. I see the Women's Fund making a difference through a ripple effect - small changes having wide impact. The 2018 award winners are great examples of this - amazing women doing amazing things on the smell of an oily rag.


Who is your biggest female role model/inspiration and why?

This is a tough question because so many women have inspired me through my life by their acts or words of kindness, generosity, bravery and strength. Some women have inspired me to make change on a small scale day-to-day level (think ripple effect!); others on a bigger "life changing" scale (e.g. getting a uni degree in my 30s). I am currently drawing inspiration from my sister - she has been on a personal, life changing journey over the past 18 months and now has an amazing energy and zest for life. I love it and it is inspiring me to find joy in the small things and to bring my best game to life (not just coasting or taking things for granted).


Finish this sentence: "In 10 years' time, I want women and girls in New Zealand to…"

"...be standing strong in their life: where every woman and girl is empowered, confident, has a support base to draw upon when needed (financial, mentoring, having a cheerleader), and can achieve their dreams."

Lisa Small