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KEEN Family Fund

"Our partnership with Auckland Foundation magnifies our impact... where our small, deliberate acts of giving are compounded into something much greater, benefiting not just our family but the community at large."


Read Kirk's words below on he and his family's journey of giving with Auckland Foundation. 


"In 2011, right here in Auckland, where our kids, Eli and Emilie have lived most of their lives, my wife and I started something small but profound. We opened a fund with Auckland Foundation. As sixth-generation Kiwis, this land isn’t just home; it’s a living tapestry of our ancestors, our children, and countless tales in between.

Our journey began humbly, driven by the belief that even the smallest acts of kindness have immense potential. Think of the kauri seed. Tiny in its initial form, yet capable of growing into a towering tree. Our fund was no different; it started small and has grown steadily, guided by a few simple, yet transformative, beliefs.

Firstly, we learned that there's power in simply starting, no matter how modest the first step appears. While oversized charitable donations grab headlines, the often-overlooked magic lies in smaller, consistent contributions. Like the kauri again; it doesn’t reach its full height in a day, but with ongoing care, it stands tall and offers shelter.

Living in Auckland has always been a significant chapter in our family story. It’s where Eli first pedaled a bike without training wheels and where Emilie found her passion for art. It's these streets and these people that our fund aims to support, a modest tribute to a community that's given us so much.

Our heritage has always guided us, tales of hard work, community, and resilience handed down over six generations. It's this history that instils in us a sense of duty to contribute positively to the New Zealand we know and love, ensuring a better tomorrow for Eli, Emilie, and countless generations to come.

Our partnership with Auckland Foundation magnifies our impact, reaching parts of the community that we couldn’t have touched alone. It's been a symbiotic relationship, one where our small, deliberate acts of giving are compounded into something much greater, benefiting not just our family but the community at large.

The Maori concept of 'whakapapa' resonates deeply with us; the interconnection of all things, all people, through shared history and collective intent. Our small fund is part of this larger web, and it's our hope to inspire others to find their own threads of contribution, be it financial, time, or even just sharing stories.

Ultimately, it’s about the legacy we’re creating. A legacy not of grand gestures, but of consistent, deliberate actions that will hopefully make New Zealand a slightly better place for our children, and theirs. It’s a ripple effect; our small acts today may well become the waves of change for future generations.

So here we are, taking deliberate steps on a long path. No, we haven't made headline news, but in the grand scheme, we're okay with that. Because we know that it's not about how grand the start is, but how meaningful the journey becomes. And this journey, built on modest but deliberate acts, is one we’re proud to be on."

Kirk was a trustee with Auckland Foundation 2006-2016. Their small, regular contributions to the KEEN Family fund are beginning to grow into a kauri tree that will exist for generations to come.