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Finding teenage confidence through fashion.

As a successful personal fashion stylist, Nora Swann's passion is bringing out the best in people and celebrating each person's unique style. 

Three years ago, she decided to use that passion to help teenage girls build inner strength, grow self-confidence, and inspire them to embrace and celebrate their own individuality

Called "Dressed in Confidence", Nora's workshops are aimed at 11-18 year old girls. Through fashion-related exercises such as art, movement (runway walk and pose), photoshoots and open discussions, the girls are encouraged to develop self-esteem, confidence and courage - and always with the core messages of self-love and self-worth.

At the end of the workshops the girls reveal their new found style and confidence through the form of a fashion show to friends and family.

Nora says,

"Being a fashion stylist, and being passionate about fashion and a mum of two gorgeous daughters, I want people to know that fashion is for everyone and fashion is a beautiful thing. It's not only about and for people who have certain looks and certain body types."

"In my programme, girls celebrate their favourite physical features that they've inherited from family members (e.g. 'bushy hair like my mum', or 'short like nana') by proudly walking down a runway wearing accessories." 

"Girls are also asked to define beauty and what it means to them, and work on building their relationships with the person they are looking at in the mirror."

"I've had girls start my programmes who don’t make eye contact with me until week three who confidently walk down the runway with great self-belief come week five. I've also had girls during fashion show prep walk down the runway in groups of three and then decide to walk alone in week five."

"That to me is success and so beautiful to witness."


Photo supplied by Dressed in Confidence.